Friday, October 4, 2013


Okay I am over the Congressmen and Senators who cannot agree on anything in Washington D.C. I wish they would stop squabbling and get over themselves in Washington. I am the type of person who likes to work and thrives on normalcy. What is normal now for me when I still get up in the morning to get my son some breakfast but do not have to dress for work. That is normal now. I so want to sit behind my desk and work to support my son and family but cannot.

I love going into the office daily, making travel arrangements, doing weekly notes, setting up meetings, making sure the people that I support are getting to where they need to go. I also like to see the smiling faces of the people I support and swap weekend adventures with each other and having laughs over lunch.

If this does not change and soon I am going to either apply for unemployment or get a second job part-time which may happen first if I can find someplace. I am really looking for data entry at home so that when my boss calls I can just go back to work. :)

I hope that this ends soon...

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